Playbook: Certainty in uncertain times

It can seem like there’s no playbook for the COVID-19 crisis, but more than ever it’s crucial to communicate with clarity, conviction and purpose. We have pulled together actionable insights in a helpful content marketing guide.

The idea of marketing right now can feel redundant given the levels of anxiety, uncertainty and volatility to our daily lives. There are lessons we’re learning that can help marketers change gear in uncertain times. In these challenging times, people are adapting and it’s essential that brands adapt too.

The financial crisis of 2008 was a defining moment for our industry, for our clients and for us. Working together to restore faith in a broken sector, we learned valuable lessons around rebuilding resilience, trust, transparency and integrity. 

That period shaped our own value proposition – content with intent – and our promise to create purposeful solutions that build deeper relationships between brands and their audiences by helping those audiences make better financial decisions.

We’re working together with all our clients to adjust their content strategies to an even greater ‘new normal’. 

Download the Playbook

In this content marketing guide, you’ll find:

  • Listening to audience needs – the analysis you can conduct for your particular customer needs and bringing your USP to life.
  • Why brands need authentic empathy – being a trusted and transparent resource and why the words you use now will be remembered in the future.
  • How to separate your signal from the noise – why messaging needs to be focused and not frivolous and ways to reuse your content.
  • Ways to accelerate your insights – why an adapted agile framework can smooth the process and how templates could be a time-saver.
  • Helpful hints on themes and topics to cover in financial marketing – highlights on the topics that audiences are currently reading about.
  • Choosing the best platform and content formats – ways to adapt your messaging by platform and audience and a process for social media activation.
  • The importance of leading from the top – the importance of CEO and C-suite messaging and internal communication processes.
  • How to repurpose your events budget – rethinking how you deliver experiences and information for your audience and getting started in virtual events.
  • And forward-planning to get back on track – creating new risk models for the future and using this period as an opportunity for review, to better serve your customers.